‘Good food should be a Right not a Privilege’

‘Good food should be a Right not a Privilege’

‘Good food should be a Right not a Privilege’

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We should celebrate what is on our plate!     

I am passionate about finding ingredients that are in Season and perfectly ripe, slice, taste, cook and serve them. This quest of flavour takes me to the Markets first, before I decide what to cook, this frees me from an over dependency on recipes. Don’t get me wrong, recipes are important and exciting, but they are only a framework, the most important thing is where I find the ingredients, how I cook them and how I turn them into a beautiful meal.       

I believe this kind of cooking nourishes the Body and the Soul. If I start with a high-quality ingredient, I don’t have to do much to it, I only have to figure out the best way to serve it.  I try to avoid getting in the way of the real Taste of that Food and follow my creativity and combine ingredients to create harmony or contrast to best enhance its wonderful qualities.      

I love the Slow Food movement opposed to the Fast Food movement. I believe that if we take time to cook  healthy, satisfying meals and slow down to truly enjoy it, we can become more deliberate and mindful in our other activities as well. A firm defence of a quiet relaxed meal cooked with love and care is sometimes the only way to oppose the universal folly of Fast Life, now more needed than ever.     

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Passionfruit has been created to help you to slow down to truly savour every bite.                                                    

Having spent over 12 years working as a Professional Chef I had the honour to perfect the art of cooking from the most prestigious restaurants  in London and continued my career as a Private Chef cooking for high-end clients in the UK.

In time I was able to build a carefully selected team who shares my dream, vision and philosophy and finally created Passionfruit.

I hope you will take the time to thoroughly enjoy our creations.


Victoria Gomez - Private Chef at Passionfruit ltd

Victoria Gomez, founder Passionfruit ltd      

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